Felcsút railwaystation


The Felcsút station is one of the finest train station of the former Székesfehérvár-Bicske light railway line that still welcomes guests.

The station ceased operating in 1980 and today has a new function as a guesthouse and restaurant after being renovated inside and out.

The guesthouse is a great place to hold periodic exhibitions and events.

MK 48 light railway locomotive

The locomotive of the Vál Valley Light Railway is the MK 48 diesel locomotive designed for narrow rail-gauge tracks.

In Hungary, currently there are more than 20 of these in working condition.

These vehicles operate in diesel-mechanical (M040) and diesel-hydraulic (M041) versions, among others in Lillafüred, Szilvásvárad and the Mátra mountain as well.

As a result of a development and modernization program in 2010 two diesel-electric hybrid (M403) locomotive started running on the track.

In the Vál Valley visitors will travel with the eco-friendly diesel-hydraulic locomotive.

The railway line

Val Little Valley Railway from Felcsút to Alcsútdoboz runs for , about 6 km long (exactly 5.7 km) it has three stops:

1. Alcsút Arboretum, Alcsútdoboz

2. Alcsút-Felcsút train station

3. Puskás Akademy


  • 5,7 km length
  • 760 mm track gauge
  • 3 stations
  • 1 station building
  • 20 minute journey time
  • 25 km/h speed
  • 6450 meter track
  • 15.000 railroad meter
  • 20.000 substruction tops,
  • 6200 cubic meter railway ballast
  • 4000 meter ditch
  • 6 railway crossings
  • 1 flashing light
  • 90 and 100 meter long platforms
  • all stations with accessibility
  • 14 monuments



Vál-völgy Railway

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